I'm old.

My advanced age has given rise to some unwelcomed side effects — severe physical distress from anything beyond a light jog; disorientation brought on by current popular music — but my senior status has, at least, afforded me the opportunity to make some dope shit.

Over the past 15 years, I've helped produce everything from apps and websites to mobile AR tools, transparent touchscreen interfaces, chatbots, multi-platform product redesigns, and retail store environments for clients like Disney, Lowe’s, AT&T, and Microsoft (check my CV for the full rundown). I've lead teams of Designers and Art Directors and collaborated daily with UX and Tech. I've also cultivated a crippling dependency on salted caramel ice cream.

Have an interesting gig to discuss? Like most old folks, I'd love to chat. Holler.

407 595 4171